About us

Hoang Tam Petrol Co., Ltd., abbreviated as HT Petrol was established in 2012 as one of the leading quality and reputable industrial lubricant blends.

The predecessor of HT Petrol Company is an importer of lubricants originating from Korea, Taiwan...we specialize in importing base oils: SN70, SN150, SN500, Process Oil P 140 (RPO).. .for units that have needs, besides we are also the distribution agent of DO, FO oil of Petrolimex.

At the end of 2012, Vietnam's economy faced many difficulties, domestic enterprises had to tighten spending, reduce production costs....and we also received many requests from customers to reduce costs. In the face of that situation, HT Petrol decided to invest in the preparation of lubricant products, especially industrial lubricants to serve the diverse needs of customers. our tradition.

Main products of HT Petrol:

High quality Hydraulic oil.
Soluble Metalworking fluids, Neat Oil, Forming Oils....
Oils in the textile industry: Knitting oil, yarn soaking oil, Spinning oil...
Good quality Diesel Engine oils.
Faithful greases for use in the power cable pulling industry.
Our company HT Petrol wishes to cooperate with all domestic and foreign customers, we are ready to mix lubricants for each specific needs of customers.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our company HT Petrol immediately at the above phone number or email, we will send staff to your workshop to advise or provide documents you need.

HT Petrol Company only receives money to supply products when our products meet your needs.

CEO: Nguyen Viet Dung.

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